To make a general donation to the St. Charles Park Foundation or for a specific cause listed below, click on the 'Donate' button. When completing the donation information, please indicate the purpose of your donation.



Annually, the Foundation seeks donations to support the District's Financial Aid Program and the STC Underground Teen Center.

The Foundation actively pursues sponsorship for the annual magnificent and free Sculpture in the Park exhibit and supports the activities, education and animal care at the  Hickory Knolls Discovery Center and the historic Primrose Farm.


Currently, the Park Foundation is raising money for its Dog Memorial Project. To make a donation to the Dog Memorial Project, click here.

Although the most satisfying reward will be the gratitude of future generations who will enjoy, study and cherish the benefits your gift makes possible, there are, as well, substantial tax advantages which make charitable giving financially attractive.

For more information about tax-deductible contributions, please be advised to consult with your tax advisor.