Fur-ever Friends…

Find Forever Tribute at St. Charles Park Foundation Memorial

Anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a pet knows the pervasive sense of grief that never fully goes away.  While treasured pets may leave a hole in our hearts, they no longer have to leave a hole in our lives.  Timeless Tags Dog Memorial Sculpture has been installed at Delnor Woods Park as a way for pet lovers to honor those animals who have brought them so much joy.


Project History

It was the loss of their own treasured pets that inspired fellow Park Foundation Trustees Julie Miller-Longo and Vanessa Bell-LaSota to develop the idea and scope of the Dog Memorial Sculpture Project.


“I was already aware of the love locks that people had placed on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris when I read about a group of pet lovers who had formed an impromptu kind of pet memorial by hanging pet tags on a tree in the Mayslake Dog Park in Oak Park,” said Park Foundation President Miller-Longo.  “I had just lost my beloved American Brittany, Lily, and thought, why couldn’t we do that?  My vision was to commission a sculpture of a dog upon which members of the community could hang their dog’s tags to memorialize these loyal companions and cope with their grief. The sculpture would also have artistic merit, as it would organically grow in beauty with each tag that would be added.”


Miller-Longo shared her vision with fellow St. Charles Park Foundation trustees, quickly finding kindred spirit in Secretary Craig Knight, Trustee Jim Denison and Treasurer Vanessa Bell-LaSota, who had also recently suffered the loss of her English Springer Spaniel, Mike.  With her background in the arts and connections with the St. Charles Arts Council, Bell-LaSota knew she wanted a St. Charles artist to participate in the project.  Douglas Eageny, a self-trained sculptor who has had numerous works accepted in the Park Foundation’s “Sculpture in the Park” annual exhibitions, was a natural fit.


“I thought it was a very unique idea,” said Eageny.  “I thought of families and small children who have lost pets and wanted to give them some place to visit where they could remember their happier days, perhaps even having walked their dog through this very park.”


With nearly 70 million households in the United States providing homes to a pet, the Dog Memorial is sure to resonate with the thousands of pet owners right here in the Fox Valley.


Project Summary

“Timeless Tags,” a larger-than-life-size steel sculpture created by Eageny was inspired by Eageny’s own Labrador Retriever, Molly. The sculpture is festooned with welded steel loops of various sizes and depths where pet tags can be attached. A deep Scottish Terrier gray at the outset, “Timeless Tags” will weather over time to a lustrous Irish Setter brown.


“The addition of thousands of colored tags of various shapes and sizes on an ongoing basis means that the sculpture will constantly be growing and changing. Nor are the tags limited to those for dogs who are no longer with us.  Any pet can be honored with a tag on the Dog Memorial,” according to Bell-LaSota.


The sculpture stands on a substantial concrete pedestal, upon which durable cast bronze plaques of various sizes can be mounted. The plaques provide name recognition for sponsors at various levels, from individuals and families to corporations and businesses – making it a perfect way for veterinarians, groomers, trainers, animal shelters, pet sitters and pet stores to show their support for this loving tribute to the beloved family pet.


About the Artist

Inspired by his Labrador Retriever Molly, Doug Eageny designed this sculpture to further his quest to create art for the St. Charles community. As a self-taught artist with 10 years’ experience, his work has been showcased at least six times in the St. Charles Park Foundation’s Sculpture in the Park Exhibit at Mt. St. Mary Park. Also, several of his sculptures are located in private collections. He is a St. Charles resident of 40+ years, married with one daughter and a graduate of St Charles High School.


Artist’s Statement

“The inspiration to create arises organically through my use of natural materials. I want to repurpose the beauty found in nature. No two pieces of my artworks are alike, just as it is in nature. There are times when I see a vision for an end result in a particular material, and there are times when the piece will evolve as time goes on. No matter which way it begins, my art lets me know when it is finished. My hope for my art is to draw out the inherent beauty of natural materials for the enjoyment of the viewer.”

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